For the first time in Poznań, we welcome a team from the Netherlands

TEAM – position No. 5

Niels Brouwers – NK Icecarving Carver’s choice (2 times), Tatry Ice Masters Carver’s Choice (2014, 2018),Tatry Ice Masters main prize (2019), best international competitor in Japan’s Matsumoto International Ice Carving competition.2020, Ice on Whyte Canada. has worked on Ice Carving Exhibitions and demonstrations year-round with big and small ice-blocks.

Thomas Weijenberg – Multiple winner of National Ice and Wood Carving competitions (NK Icecarving, NK Houtsculpturen, Carving Cup). Winner of Tatry Ice Master, Carver’s choice winner in Tatry, Placed 4th in Japan’s Matsumoto International Carving competition.